Lying in my blood…

And there I was…lying in layers of dried yet still fresh blood with an uncut cord. I was malnourished, naked, and completely abandoned lying in my desert. Those who saw me spat nothing but mockery and laughter while they bluntly illustrated that they felt no compassion towards me. On the day I was “born” I was but yet despised.

Yet almost 6 years ago to this day, He passed by and saw me drowning, suffocating, and dying in my blood. He looked past that decrepit and disgusting flesh and with great power said, “LIVE!”

With the corner of His cloak He covered me. He became everything to someone who once had it “all” yet truly had nothing. . His everlasting oath- a covenant –required that I must surrender what once offered me “life”. My Elohim-My Groom-How He adorned His bride with the finest things.

I became a queen-someone looked upon with the highest of regards on account of what My Elohim blessed me with.

However, like an oasis in the middle of the desert, my life became what looked like a mirage, something too good to be true. That which He entrusted to me-His Bride became nothing more than the expected. His blessings were used for selfish ambitions and He watched as His queen fell further away.  The hidden idols of the heart had been given life within the temple of God.

God’s temple was now nothing but rags-and that was the best that I desired to offer Him.

Ezekiel 16

The past few months God has made His Word become applicably more alive to me than ever before. After the “of course I’m a great Follower-I don’t really struggle with anything “ was concurred to be completely false, the Father has essentially ripped open my chest, torn through my ribs and analyzed my heart and revealed to me (in detail) me the “hidden sins” of my heart that separate me from Him. What appeared to be was not. I love how He uses the words He spoke through mere men who lived so very long, so shake and awaken us in order that we might be drawn closer to Him. For the past two months or so, I have been convicted of the place in my life where I have placed the Father …a temple made of rags when in fact He deserves a temple made of the finest things.



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